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Dewalokam is a farm forested with well yielding rubber trees, littered with huge teak, mahogany, ayani, mango, jack trees, white Cheeny, sizeable Elau trees, a number of big and yielding tamarind, different mongustan species.

Varieties of flowers and plants including orchids, climbers, and normal bamboos and spices like nutmeg, cinnamon, pepper and mint like thulasi, cardamom, cloves, ginger, turmeric, vanilla, tamarind, red cheera, and taro plants with their lush oil green leaves spread greenery every where. The twittering and hooting of the birds and animals all around adds to the feeling that you are in a forest. Our farm is home to a lot of wild birds.

The trees produce fresh fruits with exotic flavour during the months of February, March, April and May. Pineapples, papaya, different kinds of delicious plantains and passion fruits are available round the year. Rambutan, mulberry, lemon, luby, ilumbi, avocados, water apples and many other fruit trees give the impression of being in a world of foregone times. The fish ponds in Dewalokam offer the guests a feel of water life. The farm produces meat, fish, milk, eggs and vegetables for our own consumption and we are able to sell the surplus.

Dewalokam is an eternity away from air and noise pollution. All that the guests see is nature in its pristine, virginal unspoiled form, wonderful growth of trees and plants. All that we hear is the singing of the birds in our trees and across the river. We hear the constant calls of pheasants, we see buzzards, kites, eagles sailing in the sky, and sometimes perching on our own tall huge trees. In our farm, even if you come to us stressed or care worn, you get transported into the world of pure nature, the world of wonderful colours and sounds.

The ayurvedic herbal garden, in its initial stages, has a lot of rare and precious plants. The live-stock section has cows, buffaloes, and a few goats that yield milk. Pigs, rabbits, chicken, geese, turkeys, ducks, and guineas also live in our farm along with the other animals.


We have four houses on the bank of the Kannadipuzha River. Three houses with fifteen double bedded rooms are available for the guests. Eight bedrooms on the first floor of the central block give the view of the Nilgiri Mountains beyond the river and the forest.The ground floor has a lounge with a restaurant and a kitchen in addition to the four rooms for ayurvedic treatment, with additional toilets.

Three bedrooms / apartments are available in the nearby 'Nalukettu', the traditional home of the Keralites, with wooden walls and an atrium: an open space within each room. Each apartment has its own modern bath, shower and toilets. With all these amenities,the guests can enjoy fresh air with total privacy here. The remaining four rooms are in a building about two hundred meters from the other three.

This house has a special place for people who love nature and want to be close to nature. You are woken up with the music of the wild birds and the music continues around the house the whole day.

The flocks of birds of different feathers form a community.They have their own early warning system if a predatory bird is spotted. You can see them and hear them. They return to the trees around the house several times every day. This house offers an extremely quiet atmosphere and sereneness. We arrange pick up and return facilities from/to the house. Attached modern bath rooms with bathtubs and twenty four hour hot and cold running water is the standard convenience at Dewalokam.

Dewalokam offers variety cuisine. Continental, Chinese, Mughalai, North Indian and South Indian dishes are served at Dewalokam. Dewalokam special fruit baskets and fruit juices are the attractions here.

yurveda Treatment

The Ayurveda treatment at Dewaloakm is at present the responsibility of the Dhanwanthari Vaidyasala, Thodupuzha. A team of doctors examine the guest and after discussions, finalize the mode of treatment and the number of days required. At Dewalokam the treatment for each man will be done strictly by a team of two men and for each woman,by a team of two women. The tariff for various treatments like Dhara, Vasti, Abhyangam, etc depends on the type of medicine used and will be fixed by the team of doctors who supervise the treatment.

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Double Accommodation

Rs. 4500/-


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Single Accommodation

Rs. 2750/-


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Nalukettu (Double)

Rs. 5500/-


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Nalukettu (Single)

Rs. 3250/-


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